Motivational Mondays! The Raw + Vegan Dessert Edition!

Phew. This week has been filled with tons of work (and it is only Monday!) I am very pleased to say that I finished the coursework for my summer program tonight and that I will have the next two weeks school-free! Bike rides! Reading in the park! Queer dance parties with friends! I am so excited for this time to relax + recharge before the real madness begins…

Here are some fun things from around the web. As you can see, my festive spirit has overflowed into the recipe links…this week is dessert time! And can you believe that all these yummy treats are RAW + VEGAN? And pretty healthy too!

Path Less Trodden posted these chocolate + banana ice cream cups and they look divine!

This raw strawberry cream pie from Rawmazing took my breath away.

A little too much prep for me but this raw chocolate turtle “cheesecake” would be great to bring to a potluck.

This may just be my favorite. A raw + vegan mud pie that is yummy and nutritious!

And speaking of raw + vegan treats, Natalia KW just came out with her book Cupcake Heaven and it looks AMAZING. Sayward from Bonzai Aphrodite raved about her use of coconut flour instead of always using tofu or nuts and although I never buy books anymore, this is definitely one I am planning on picking up soon!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

[photo credit: thunderbolt]


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