the weekend revue!

Hello there readers,

Hope you had a great weekend. We weren’t able to see Rocky Horror Picture Show last night, but we did see Planet of the Apes today (which was AWESOME!)

Here were our weekend highlights:


[Because nothing beats a night in with some Moroccan mint tea, raw dark chocolate and scrabble. Also, note how I made my husband accept “emo” and “con” as legitimate word options. ha!]


[Because the love from a stranger can make you feel more radiant.]


[Because all traffic circles should have fragrant evergreen trees and jasmine creeping out to touch the pavement.]


[Because my husband being asked to wear this while accompanying me at a women’s clinic led to a great discussion about identity politics, gender binaries and the individualization of sexism v.s. systemic oppression under capitalism.]


[Because the only thing cuter than my niece’s striped onesie pajama are her soft + plump little feet.]


Good night!

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