Motivational Mondays!

hello there friends!

My apologies for not being around for the past few days, things have been crazy busy. Between working, my summer med school preparation program, domestic maintenance/projects and being on this cleanse, I have hardly had enough time to sleep! I only have two more weeks of my summer program, at which point I plan on taking a much-needed week of staycation. I envision lots of naps and bike rides…aah.

What I have been peeping lately:

This simple coconut milk braised greens recipe has lately been my go-to plan for my farmer’s market kale.

No More Dirty Looks shared some great tips for natural ways to cope with stress. Aromatherapy, anyone?

And since I am on a cleanse, I have greens on the brain…this time with white beans. Pretty much what I have for lunch every other day (minus the cheese).

One Green Planet has a helpful list of foods that are commonly mistaken as vegan. Watch out, y’all!

And I will leave you with a fun summer mix from Here’s Looking at Me Kid. With songs from Papercuts and Toro y Moi, it is a great set of tunes!

Hope your week is going well. Stay tuned for some cleanse updates!

[Amazing top photo from my friend’s experience farming across the country!]

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