the weekend revue! and big news!

hello readers!

hope you had a great weekend. our time off was quite lovely, with a three-day break we were able to be productive (farmer’s market shopping, underwear buying and listening to marx in soho) and have some fun too (outdoor coffee dates, a comedy show about traveling to india and playing bananagram!)


here were some visual highlights:


[because studying outdoors does wonders for the soul]


[because a really hard day calls for a (vegan) root beer float]


[because every once in a while, you read something that changes your life]


[because making coconut milk instead of buying it for five dollars rocks…and recipe to follow soon!]


[because we found a hidden rose garden cafe. and it makes us feel pretty darn happy]


so all in all, this weekend was pretty awesome. dreading the week beginning again but what can you do…

and onto the news!

well, nothing is written in stone just yet but there are going to be some changes around here soon, mostly around the name (and address) of the blog. i have been wanting to remodel the site, allowing more space for the non-ayurveda things that i love to discuss and explore. i will probably be starting a new blog address in the upcoming week so keep an eye out!

have a great start to your week friends!






2 thoughts on “the weekend revue! and big news!

    • Hello there Alice and welcome!

      Don’t worry, things won’t be changing much around here…I am going to change the name of the blog (and probably the address) to more fit what it is I talk about weekly. But there will still be tons of recipes, photos, reviews and all that good stuff 🙂


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