time for a motivational revue!

hello there readers,

so this past weekend (if you can even call half a day off a weekend) wasn’t filled with roses and unicorns and all that wonderful stuff. in fact, this past week has been tough on many levels so i haven’t had time to post much. it seems my husband and i are also trying to fight off a cold (which i am determined to beat!) so i am trying to take it as easy as i can this week…

here are some of last week’s highlights:

[because ancient ways of time-telling are pretty rad]

[because you can find beauty everywhere]

[because i still can’t believe these elders are right outside my door]

on to the web of goodies!

crunchy betty posted a scary (but very helpful) article about what is really in your soap. check it out – especially you fellow vegans!

i found a new food blog to stalk! green kitchen stories is a healthy food blog with many vegan+gluten free recipes. and the pictures are BEYOND beautiful. these gluten free buns are going to be a fun baking project for me and the hubby this week. yay!

sayward over at bonzai aphrodite gave a scientific (and delicious) testimony to the amazingness of coconut. i completely agree!

check out the raw+vegan apple pie over at bliss tree. i always love healthy remixes on old favorites!

and last but not least, i will leave you with one of my summer favorites:

Sheets are swaying from an old clothesline
Like a row of captured ghosts over old dead grass
Was never much but we made the most
Welcome home

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