the weekend revue!

hello there!

hope you all had a great weekend. ours was too short (with only today as a full weekend day), but it was our 1 year wedding anniversary! we spent our time eating tons of great food + lounging around in the park all day. absolutely lovely šŸ™‚

here is the revue!


[because gifts wrapped in trader joe’s bags can be cute too]


[because sometimes gum wrappers look like a cat and it makes me smile]


[because special occasions call for special cacao almond treats!]


[because we really represent here in the bay. que viva!]


[because when sunday comes around, this is where you can always find me]


and that’s all folks! my parents are visiting tomorrow for my birthday (!) so this week i will be busy showing them around the bay, taking them to my favorite vegan hangouts (if my dad can handle not having meat at every meal), and heading up to sonoma for an overnight trip next weekend! it may be a little quiet around here but once they depart, i will be back on track.

have a wonderful week!



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