market magic: french breakfast radishes!

hey there readers!

this week i would like to highlight a lesser-known root veggie that rocks:

french breakfast radishes!

now, i am usually not the biggest fan of radishes. maybe it’s because in my childhood i would be so hungry and wouldn’t be able to have dinner (or any meal, for that matter) without having the ritual plate of sabzi khordan first. i am guessing it was similar to the american kid experience of “have you eaten all of your broccoli?” so while the radish may be tasty, i always saw it as more of a requirment than a delight.

i saw these funny looking babies the other week at the farmer’s market and they had a cute little illustration by the basket which talked about how french folk put these on toast with a little butter for breakfast. i thought that if they are tasty enough for a morning snack, i might as well give them a try.


+what does it do?

radishes (of any variety) are chock full of fiber and very high in vitamin C. they also have high levels of iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamin B-6. in fact, there is a chinese proverb that says “eating pungent radish and drinking hot tea, let the starved doctors beg on their knees”!

+what should i look for?

look for french breakfast radishes that are firm and bright, without any major blemishes. the leaves and stalks should be vibrant and not wilted.

+how long do they stay fresh?

once home, make sure you trim the tops (the greens) off immediately as they rob the nutrients from the radishes. if you store them in the refrigerator (preferably wrapped in a damp paper towel), they should last about a week.

+how do i eat them?

honestly, i have been just snacking on them without putting them in anything special. they are really that good! i first sliced the radishes and ate them with toasted bread, olive oil and a little smoked sea salt. later in the week, i dipped them in some homemade hummus with a plate of carrots and that was pretty great. you could also use them in a stirfry with some summer snap peas or as an extra crunch in my lunchtime salad. these radish and salad sandwiches look great and could easily be veganized by subbing earth balance for butter. or, if you feel like something a little sour, try this recipe for pickled radishes.




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