motivational mondays!

a beginning of the week welcome to you!

hope your week is starting off in a wonderful way. we were able to have today off and just enjoy relaxing + celebrating our (islamic) wedding anniversary with a fancy tea service! it was amazing and as we sat in the sun, i was overcome with joy ❤

so, here are some little virtual gems for you:

natural child posted a fascinating story about breastfeeding in mongolia.

this gluten-free (and almost sugar-free!) strawberry crumble sounds like a great way to use my cart of berries from the farmer’s market this week.

the gals over at your tango talked about ways to love your body in bed this week. yes to body-positive lovin!

jennifer aniston’s yogi shares a great yoga leg routine that will sculpt you silly.

and i will leave you with another strawberry recipe…a crisp lentil summer salad!

enjoy your week!

[invisible man photograph by liu bolin…can you spot him?]

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