the weekend revue!

hi there readers,

hope you had a wonderful weekend. sadly, our weekend was very short due to our work schedules (which made us miss pride. boo.) but we tried to make the most out of what short time we had off.

here were the highlights:


[because a cup of cold apple cider from your favorite local apple guy is perfect on a hot summer day]


[because not having children makes us kooky cat people]


[because anyone who offers this many AMAZING kinds of vegan gelato has my heart]


[because whenever i am overwhelmed, i walk to this magical tree and recharge]


[because community gardens are so beautiful and filled with hope]


have a great week!


2 thoughts on “the weekend revue!

    • you know, it was my husband’s idea to start taking her out and for the longest time, she would just slink around and keep her butt super low to the ground haha. now she actually enjoys it, but i am still a worried mama when she is out and about 🙂

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