motivational mondays!

hey friends!

hope your week has started off on the right foot. my monday was spent doing some serious housecleaning, studying and cooking (using produce right before it turns bad feels like such a success!)

so right to it…my weekly internet finds:


this band is so sweet and romantic and makes me happy that summer is here.


for all y’all who like to imbibe (alcohol, that is), no more dirty looks has some healthy ways to help a hangover.


this mocha tart from sketch-free vegan eating is gluten-free and looks AWESOME. also, it just might push me to finally use the dandelion coffee that has been sitting in my pantry.


the amazing kris carr (cancer survivor and all-around bad ass) wrote a helpful article on how to eat healthy on a budget. she has some great tips, including a breakdown of the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen.


i bought some fresh peas this week and i am super excited to make this green pea soup from the delicious 101 cookbooks blog. yum!


that’s it…have a great week!


[1915 les vampires poster from inobscuro]

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