the weekend revue and some BIG news!

happy weekend readers!

hope you have had a great one. my husband had friday off so we were able to really enjoy the weekend with some extra time to rest and have fun.

i also wanted to share some really great news (hence the congratulatory photo above) that i heard just today…


this has been a long and exhausting process during this past year. flying out to the interview, writing pages upon pages for the admissions essays, standing my ground when i was told that i wouldn’t make it without a “traditional” pre-med background and last but not least, moving from chicago to northern california without being accepted yet, just knowing that i would have to make it work somehow. it feels like such a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and even though i know this is just the beginning (of many years of hard work), it fills my heart with joy to be one step closer to my dream.

so with that, here is a little happiness from my weekend:

[because japanese prints make stairwells so pretty]


[because our local record store hosts great shows like this lovely musician from mali]


[because walls of fragrant jasmine are taking over our neighborhood and i couldn’t be happier]


[because the beloved music of the brazilian working-class is best enjoyed in a crowded bar, with more dancers than musicians]


[because a celebration dinner isn’t complete without an incredible raw, vegan cacao+coconut torte!]


wishing you health+happiness ❀



[congrats photo by chi]

6 thoughts on “the weekend revue and some BIG news!

    • aww thank you!

      the cake was actually from this great place called cafe gratitude out here in berkeley. they have the most amazing raw vegan treats. but i like making this raw vegan chocolate banana torte from one funky mama or angela’s chilled chocolate torte πŸ™‚

      in terms of my cleanse preferences, i do a combination of a few things:

      once a week, i do a juice fast where i have some type of green juice/smoothie for breakfast, lunch and dinner. also, lots of water and only fruit+veggies+herbs (and mostly veggies) in those concoctions!

      once a month, i do a three-day cleanse the traditional Ayurvedic way, which is a variety of herbal teas (depending on your health situation at the time) throughout the day and a hearty ayurvedic fasting “porridge” called kitchari. i usually make a big pot of it in the morning and eat most of it for lunch (when the digestive fire is the strongest).

      once a year, i do the 21-day cleanse from dr. junger but i haven’t bought his cleanse kit (too expensive!). i just follow the guidelines from his book and it has worked really well! i really want to do it again soon (spring/summer is the best time for a serious cleanse) but honestly, we are super broke right now and i don’t think i can afford all the fresh produce 😦

  1. I do Dr. Junger’s Clean program too! I don’t use the kit either. Definitely too expensive. And I agree that even doing it DIY can be expensive, so I’m sorry to hear it might not work out for you right now. : ( I’m going to do a juice cleanse one day a week with just green juice, then maybe a smoothie for dinner. I picked up Kris Carr’s “Crazy Sexy Diet” book too, and it’s actually pretty great; a lot more of the intentionality/spirituality stuff than Dr. J gets into…..

    You are getting me so interested in Ayuveda. Do you have a book or a link you could recommend where I could learn more (in general) about the 3-day cleanse (specifically)?

    much love!

    • omg! we are on the same page about so many things…i love it πŸ™‚

      i have been wanting to get kris carr’s book, now i am definitely going to check it out.

      in terms of the kitchari fast, i have been doing it since i was young with the other women in my family since i was raised with ayurvedic medicine. ever since i starting getting my period, i have done it during that time of the month every month (which really helps cleanse and detoxify while our bodies are naturally doing it anyway!)

      i don’t know of many resources for the kitchari fast in english but i do know that dr. vasant lad (a major ayruvedic brain in the states) has written about the fast in a few of his books. i have his book “the complete book of ayurvedic home remedies” where he talks about a 5-day kitchari cleanse (almost always with 50% split mung bean, 50% brown rice/barley/millet, cilantro for detoxing and spices like turmeric, black pepper, cumin and coriander) and he recommends eating this 2-3 times a day. since i am a * kapha* body type (more solid, “thick” and always slightly “overweight”), i have found that i usually only need one bowl a day.

      there is also a good article (with relevant and accurate information) over at all about fasting which also includes a few recipes for kitchari from dr. lad.

      if you are ever curious about ayurveda in general, essential ayurveda is a great resource and a fun read. i have to say, ayurveda is pretty awesome!

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