motivational mondays! and a quick revue!

hello friends,

this past weekend was quite stressful so i wasn’t able to post my revue. i thought today i might share a few pictures from the weekend and also my weekly inspirational internet finds…

i have finally gotten back into making salads! i am quite reluctant to eat raw greens (especially for a health nut such as myself) so i am excited to get back into making interesting combinations and delicious dressings. i plan on writing a post about salads sometime soon…

i saw this posted on a mural wall in san francisco’s mission neighborhood (an area which has endured heartbreaking gentrification) and it reminded me of the importance of art in radical politics.

i was feeling frazzled so my husband and i met a friend at a show. we saw cover bands for the cure and the smiths and we had a blast. my arms were seriously sore from dancing all night!

now on to what has caught my attention recently:

the wellness warrior (can she do no wrong?) posted two great articles: one on the dangers of agave syrup (which i honestly didn’t want to read since i love putting agave in things but boy, am i glad i did) and the case against white bread (which is already not allowed in my house but a good read nonetheless.)

lately, i have been snatching up asparagus at the farmer’s market every chance i get so this recipe from urban vegan is definitely on my list this week.

the deer-vehicle collision survivors support group , a short story by porochista khakpour is beautiful. and heartbreaking.

a friend of a friend made this video about the place for blogging and web-based community-building in the world of expressive art therapy.

and last but not least, how could i NOT post vegan+gluten free+raw mallomars? seriously! the girls over at pure2raw did it again in the most delicious way.

hope you have a wonderful week!


2 thoughts on “motivational mondays! and a quick revue!

  1. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I am such an agave-lover! : ( Such sad news. Sigh. Okay, finishing up the two bottles I have in my pantry, then on to better-for-you sweet things…..

    And love love love the Marx quote. ❤

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