the weekend revue!

hi readers!

i hope you had a wonderful weekend. my trip to chicago was great, totally shocked the socks off my mom when i showed up at the door! i love giving (and receiving) surprises so that was really fun. chicago was hot, humid and a totally different feeling than sf (or california for that matter) so it was a surreal experience being back, if only for a few days. i was able to grab some vegan treats at the beloved chicago diner, try the green juice goodness at the new juice/smoothie shop peeled and score a cupcake (or two) at bleeding heart bakery. huzzah!

ok…so for this weekend, here is what made me smile:


because having my current favorite juice combo (carrot apple + ginger) at the park across the street is a wonderful way to celebrate friday.


because it’s good to remember that even bach wasn’t serious all the time.


because customizable vegan ice cream sandwiches are just a few blocks away!


because professions of love are always better on the streets :p


because nothing (re)grounds you after serious thinking like some serious zen.

stay tuned for tomorrow’s links from the web…and have a great night!

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