motivational mondays! (a little late)

greeting lovely ones!

this post is a day late since yesterday was spent running around the bay area for school documentation, forms, transcripts and all that other jazz that makes you frustrated and exhausted. luckily, today was a little better, although i had a final interview with a medical program that i am DYING to get into so the stress has been quite high!

these findings have given me a little happy distraction lately:

raptitude posted an amazing list of important things to learn about life with tidbits like “the fewer possessions you have, the more they do for you” and “casual swearing makes people sound dumb” (which i have ALWAYS agreed with.

molly schiot bathing with her babe is quite an awesome pic.

this video of observations from el teide (spain’s highest mountain) is absolutely beautiful.

post punk kitchen (one of the best vegan cooking sites around!) shared this yummy recipe for pesto soup with gnocchi, beans and greens.

have a great week!

+fantastic farm photo by mike brodie+

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