motivational mondays!

+engraving by albin brunovsky+

happy monday!

so here we are, at the beginning of the week and boy, was it a rocky start. today i had a series of frustrations that led to a mini breakdown and so what did i do? i threw on my sweater and took a walk. i live near a beautiful campus so i wandered around the grass-filled paths and found my special spot. it is a little stone bench by a stream and it is surrounded by redwood trees and eucalyptus. i sat there, closed my eyes and let the sun shine upon my face. i only spent 15 minutes there but when i left, i was more calm and feeling happier about my situation. what a little change of scenery can do!

here are some wonderful inspirations for your week!

the wonderful, marvelous goddess leonie strikes again! this time with a helpful article on how to meditate – for lazy people.

the brainy sayward from bonzai aphrodite (where i got the above photo) wrote a great article on misconceptions about juicing. if you are still on the fence about getting your greens and nutrients via good ol’ juice, check this out!

jen saunders shared wonderful thoughts on how to notice when you are happy. i really enjoyed the article and it prompted me to write a little list of what/where/who makes me happy.

and last but not least, i finally saw the trailer for the feature film from youtube, life in a day. oh my goodness, it looks so inspirational and beautiful and incredible…i can’t wait to see it!

have a wonderful week!


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