motivational mondays!

happy monday friends!

i am here alone with the kitty while my husband is at a meeting so do you know what that means? first season of the office on netflix!

here is some awesomeness for your week:

the strange and interesting people at high existence posted a great article on 50 life secrets and tips including: memorize something everyday, develop the ability to forgive and do what you love…this list is great!

this young mandolin player from india creates such beautiful melodies.

this rice pudding recipe comes from the highly-anticipated website (well, at least for us vegan nerds) xgfx! xgfx is an awesome site of vegan AND gluten free community and has not only a great collection of recipes but forums and other ways of connecting. yes!

and i will leave you with this cruel summer mixtape that got me through cleaning the house today. enjoy!

*magical image by ryan mcginley.

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