motivational mondays are here!

hello all,

well, this weekend was wonderful, with lots of dancing, laughing and prayer but i am now in a slump with achy bones, the remnants of my cold still lingering and a bout of the blues.

so i thought that since monday is usually the day reserved for dread and gloom, i would start sharing inspirations from the past week.

videos, articles, poems…anything and everything that gets us moving and shaking! because we all need a little push on mondays, right?


this week i have some awesomeness to share:


this video is from yogamint (which is a great website and is worth checking out) and features two of my favorite things: vegan truffles and meditation!


mark bittman, a seasoned food critic and author, presented this talk on the environmental consequences of meat production and consumption and what is wrong with the way we eat. he is clear and concise and packs the last century of the history of food in only a few minutes!


and last but not least, the amazing goddess leonie from goddess guidebook has shared her first podcast! she includes an affirmation and a short meditation.


i hope this new series will make your week better, brighter and more full of joy!


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